Helping Your Business Build Success

Moving Projects forward

Past Projects

  • Migrate SharePoint 2013 ECM to Alfresco 5.2
  • Upgrade Enterprise Operating Systems to Windows 10
  • Create Network Monitoring Solution for franchise operation
  • Open corporate office in Denver
  • Increase hiring enterprise wide
  • Create office tax preparation system
  • Create tax software content for 43 taxing entities
  • Migrate Enterprise from 10 TFS projects to 1 project in Visual Studio Team Server
  • Onboard several silo’ed teams in one project management system
  • Develop new program management system for organization
  • Create new sales website for new product
  • Coach agile teams in process
  • Create custom IDE for software development
  • Optimize organization structure 
  • Create executive reporting templates


Resource Planning

I have developed several enterprise wide solutions for project and capacity planning. I am proficient in several project management programs such as Rally, CA Agile, Microsoft TFS, Visual Studio Team Services, Smartsheets, Trello and more.


I have worked on several new online software products that were directed to the public and business to business. I have also worked on company infrastructure projects such as upgrading the operating systems enterprise wide, monitoring network security and building networks. I have also led projects in HR, opening new corporate offices and moving corporate offices.

Amazing Results

I have increased software quality up to 75%, increased enterprise capacity for work by 25% with no increase in resources. I always come in on time and on budget with great customer satisfaction.